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So What Do I Do Now?

So What Do I Do Now??

You decided to homeschool and registered with AliYah Academy and you’re wondering what is next? Here is a check list to get you on your way with questions that many parents have when they first join.

Questioning Registration?

First, were you able to login to your account with no problem? If you received an error notice of any kind, or if you have paid and it says you are unpaid contact the school. Do not panic, it is almost always a simple fix. It is best to call or text for this kind of thing so that we can resolve any issue right away.

We do request your records from your previous school and notify the county that you are registered with us. You do not need to contact the school board and you only need to sign a with draw form at your previous school if you un-enroll mid-year.

It can take a day or 2, sometimes up to a week in Aug, when everyone is registering, for us to request your records and notify the school board. You are a legal homeschooler as of the date you registered and paid your membership fee, so don’t panic.

If you are being contacted by the school board or anyone at your past school, after we have had time to notify them, please call us so that we can take care of it right away.

If you were previously homeschooled and do not have records anywhere else, please email or mail your child’s birth certificate and vaccine records or exemption form to the school. You can find our contact info on the contact page.

If your child is in high school request that we add back years for you and you can enter all high school records on your account for the high school transcript.

I’m all registered but what do I do now?

First pick out your curriculum. We have put our best recommendations on the Resource page of our website. You can buy a packaged grade level set from companies like Masterbooks, Sonlight, or Christian Book Distributor or you can tailor your curriculum based on your child’s ability and interest; and your family’s style, time and budget.

There are choices for online curriculum such as Monarch my first choice for a complete curriculum. And fun online supplements like ABC mouse or Adventure Academy. Even Skrafty an option with Mindcraft involved. An online option can be a good choice for a high schooler who is coming out of public school and needs to make sure they get their credits.

If you want a more involved experience homeschooling your child I recommend using a book type curriculum as opposed to online.

The school does benefit when you use many of those links on our resource page to get to the suppliers page. We have worked out discounts with many of the companies for you. So, if you are going to buy something it helps the school when you go to our resource page.

What Courses do I choose?

You have a lot of freedom up until 8th grade on what to teach/study. In high school it is more specific and credits are required. (Check the High School page for the credit checklist)

The core subjects should be covered.

· English Language Arts (ELA)

· Math

· Science

· Social Studies (typically community, geography, history, government)

Those 4 are the core academic subjects but I also highly recommend teaching

· Bible

· Apologetics

· Logic and Critical Thinking

· Free Market Economics

· Civics and the Constitution

· P.E and Health

Obviously, not all at the same time or every year but these topics are very important for a productive life and barely, if at all, taught in the public school system. Discuss and research these subjects as a family and decide where you stand together on these topics.

Also enjoy subjects such as

· The Arts (Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Music, Dance, Theater, Photography, etc.)

· Computer (Coding, Design, Applications like Microsoft Excel, Word, Photoshop and etc.)

· Sports

· Skills (Construction, Mechanics, Culinary Arts, Agriculture, etc.)