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Sites included
Featured Sites

Included with AliYah Academy membership

A site for teachers, with an incredible amount of printable content, on a wide range of subjects, for grades K-12  (a $20 value). The members' website includes online activities, printable pages, scalable print-outs, and no banner ads. Members: you can now login to Enchanted Learning through your AliYah Academy account under "Forms & Resources"

*Right now IEW is giving away a FREE 3-week resource, see the FREE resource section at the bottom of this page for the link.

Invite great teachers into your home everyday! Compass Classroom has excellent video lessons for upper Middle and High School. You can purchase courses on DVD, streaming or subscribe for access to over 30 homeschool classes. This curriculum is easy to use, interesting to students and glorifies our Creator. Subjects include History, Latin, Bible, Economics, Poetry, Filmaking, and Humanities all from a biblical worldview. Try some of the many FREE LESSONS today! (They are always giving away really cool printable freebies too)

ETron Academy.png

This is a super cool course if you have a student interested in electronics, here is what you were looking for!

ETron Circuit Labs is Electronic Education Curriculum. From electronic basics to complex labs.

This fully interactive course teaches each component, how it works and interacts with other components.

The book is excellent to follow but they also have video instruction if you need more guidance.

Recommended for High school but an upper Middle student could also take advantage of this course.

When you use these links it helps the school. Thank you.

The Tuttle Twins are getting rave reviews by homeschoolers. We have just received our set and we are impressed. A book can be read in one sitting and really spark family conversation. We are reading them aloud and everyone finds them interesting from my 3 year old to my 17 year old and even me. Civics, Economy, and History are so important and these are done in a way that is easy for even a young child to understand. They also come with downloadable workbooks that are very well done and extra reading for older children or adults. All ages.

Enjoy movies with the family again. Pure Flix is a more wholesome alternative to netflix. Pure Flix makes it easy to supplement your Christian homeschool curriculum with full access to its library of thousands of documentaries and videos on science, history, animals, government and more.

*The entire Answers in Genesis library is here!

Sign up for a 4 week email series of homeschool resources. Discover today how you can make your online homeschool curriculum more fun than ever with movies! Start your free month trial and find Pure Flix Homeschool in the footer on their website.

Great Courses plus purple.jpeg

The Great Courses plus is access to over 11,000 engaging video lectures from The well known Great Courses on Math, History, Science, Travel, Health & Wellness, Professional Development, Photography, Language, Cooking and more, from award-winning college professors and experts from National Geographic, the Smithsonian, The Culinary Institute of America, The Mayo Clinic, and more. All for one low monthly price!

Designed for High School and life long learners.

Note: this is a secular resource.

See our blog as to why we are featuring this resource.

Online Courses
Online Courses

Monarch is a complete Christian online homeschooling curriculum for grades 3-12 that features automatic grading, complete customization, 24/7 availability, and more. From Alpha Omega Publishing. Affordable Subscription plans.

So many homeschoolers are using it is a reasonably priced, monthly subscription to an online curriculum for Pre-K to Early Elementary learners. It is an all inclusive curriculum but do make sure you get plenty of one-on-one time with your child too. Try the risk free one month trial and see if is right for you.

Adventure Academy back to school.jpeg

Adventure Academy  from the makers of ABCmouse. Same great quality but for upper Elementary and Middle School students. Give it a try!

reading eggs2.png

Reading Eggs and Math Seeds is a popular Online Resource for teaching Reading and Math.

Get your FREE trial now to see how reading eggs can help your family. For ages 3-12


Does your child love Minecraft?

SKrafty has incorporated Minecraft Adventures into Self-Paced Homeschool Classes K-12

A mix of totally online or book integration including Life of Fred, IEW, Apologia and other well known curriculum. They offer Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Programming, Writing, Bible and more!

Over 20,000 Christ Centered Resources including
Clubs, Field Trips or just join the SKrafty community for play on their family friendly Minecraft server. Parent Moderated and Chat filtered! This is crazy FUN Homeschool! Check it out!

Miacademy the makers of Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons is a fun educational platform. It can be used as a complete curriculum or as a supplement. With lots of incentives, your children will be asking to do school.

For Grades K-8th with MiaPrep for High school coming soon.

Use the code ALIYAH at check out to get the Group buy pricing.

If you are looking for online courses with teacher support that are rigorous and engaging we recommend Village Virtual. Courses can be customized for the needs of individual learners, and facilitated by certified teachers who regularly communicate with learners and their parents.

These are full-service online courses with teacher interaction and support. K-12

Power Homeschool Services provides video-based online Acellus® courses.

Used in schools. This is a secular curriculum, use your own discretion. 

For grades PK-12.

Recommended Companies
Companies and Products that we Recommend

We receive a small commission from many of the companies and products below when you use the links on this page to make a purchase. This is one way we help to keep our costs low and many of the links have discounts built in just for you.  We have carefully selected only those companies and products that we have approved and that we ourselves would use and recommend. We will continue to add good products and companies, so check back often. We appreciate your support and Happy Homeschooling.

All Subjects and complete Grade Level curriculum

Christianbook Distributors has a huge Homeschool section K-12 with great prices and options to narrow your search by Grade Level or Subject to aid in picking the perfect curriculum for your family.

MB ad out-of-the-box_2.jpg

MasterBooks makes curriculum that is fun and inspires a joy for learning. They emphasize hands-on activities and real world application. The curriculum is parent-friendly and designed to be so easy that you can open the box and start homeschooling.  All-subjects.  K-12

A leading publisher of Christian homeschool curriculum, Alpha Omega Publishing has something to offer every homeschooling family. AOP has offered award-winning educational curriculum such as LIFEPAC , Horizons, Switched-On Schoolhouse and Monarch since 1977.

Sonlight is a christian family-owned company that sells quality homeschool products, they also have encouraging articles and instruction guides. Their complete grade packages which are great for first time homeschoolers that are unsure of what to purchase or a busy parent who doesn't have the time. They also cater to multiple ages and focus on Literature based History. Products can also be purchased separately. They also carry Mathtacular, Miquon Math, Singapore Math, Handwriting Without Tears, A Reason for Handwriting, The Story of the World, The Anatomy Coloring Book and so much more. Get $10 off your first purchase of $100 through this link.

English Language Arts and Math

Logic of English is my absolute first recommendation for every child learning to read.

"Logic of English® publishes educational resources that combine accurate phonograms and spelling rules with the Science of Reading and the Joy of Learning so that students of all ages can be empowered to become fluent readers, writers, and spellers."

This approach (based on Orton-Gillingham) is time tested to work with all students but sadly is reserved for "struggling learners" in the school system or in learning centers.

Foundations for ages 4-7 is a scripted, open-and-teach program that is filled with fun learning games! Four sequential levels allow you to adjust the pace to meet the needs of your children.

Essentials is for older children 8+ who are struggling readers or spellers. This program will fill in the missing pieces so your student can thrive. This program can be used with adults also.

Right now IEW is giving away a FREE 3-week resource.

Use this link to try it out FREE

Listen, Speak, Read, Write, Think!

After years of using different writing curriculum IEW is my top choice and what I would recommend to everyone with children from gifted to special needs.

The lessons are so clear and comfortable for a student to follow. The new Structure and Style curriculum with DVD or streaming lessons makes it easy on the parent.

IEW also offers parent led curriculum such as Reading; Themed-Based Writing including History, Bible, and Narnia; Poetry; Grammar; Spelling; and Speech along with excellent resources for the parent to effectively teach.

It is used in Classical Conversations, an excellent writing program.

If you want to raise a strong writer, this curriculum is for you. grades K-12

other good ELA curriculum

is a very inexpensive, simple book to teach reading.

has readers and workbooks in the complete kit. Uses traditional phonics and sight words. Reasonably priced.

LLATL for grades 1-12

Uses colors instead of grade levels. Blue and Red are reading programs with lots of readers, workbook, games and activities.

The higher grades have a strong emphasis on Literature to teach grammar, writing mechanics, vocabulary, spelling, and other language skills.

Reasonably priced. Some literature will need to be purchased separately.

A good writing program that is reasonably priced.

 It can be started when a child can write a simple sentence - 12th.

shiller learning.png

Shiller Learning is a great hands on math and language arts curriculum. This is one of my favorites for little ones math. From gifted to special needs this hands on method is clear and engaging. They also have the best placement test I have ever seen, telling you exactly which lessons to do with your children to fill in any gaps, and skipping ones they know to not bore a child. One kit will cover multiple grades and all the children in a household for a lifetime, which makes it cost effective. No prep for parent just open and start. A super easy and enjoyable curriculum. PreK-8th (up to Pre-Algebra)

use code ALIYAH at checkout to receive 5% OFF!


Fun DVDs with creative, real-world examples to reinforce elementary math concepts.

other good Math curriculum

Grades 1-3.  Good, Inexpensive, hands-on, basic math books, Uses Cuisenaire rods (sold-separately) and Levels are by Color instead of grades.


Grades K-12 - Math U See is an excellent curriculum with good foundation and review.

A very unique curriculum. I have used them all the way through Elementary (Apples-Jellybeans) and my children were more than prepared to jump into Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra. I have friends who used them through high school also. You can check out this blog for more about my experience.

Reasonably priced. Grades K-College

teaching textbook2 (2).jpeg

Teaching Textbooks is an at your own pace online Math course they start in Math 3 - Pre-Calculus.

We recommend using for Pre-Algebra and higher.

If you are looking for a traditional Textbook style, Saxon is the long time favorite of homeschoolers.

Social Studies and Science

Unleash a love of learning in your child with Homeschool in the Woods History Through the Ages hands-on history materials!

Featuring timelines, maps, lap books, and history studies designed for your child to live the lessons!
We personally love the timeline resources, and lapbooks make learning creative and fun. We add them in to any other history curriculum we are doing, although they are plenty on their own.
For Elementary and Middle school age children.
MB ad out-of-the-box_2.jpg

Masterbooks has some of the best Science and History curriculum

Grades PK-12

other good Social Studies curriculum

All ages. 1st-12th Grades

Cronological, Conversational style. Christian View.

This is one of my favorites. I love reading these aloud to all of my children and activities are tailored to different ages. 4 Volumes

All ages. 1st-12th Grades

Chronological, Conversational style. Christian View.

This is one of my other favorites favorites. Especially the "What in the World? audio CD or mp3 that we listen to on long car trips.

Activities are tailored to different ages. 3 Volumes

For High School. Chronological, Christian perspective.

2 Volumes

Recommended for grades 1-8. Chronological. Classical.

Bible history is interwoven through out along with all other religions and ideals. Not a Christian perspective though. Still a good read, use your own discernment. Good for discussing different perspectives. 4 Volumes

Apologia is best known for their quality Christian Science Curriculum, K-12, especially good for college ready courses with labs in high school. But they also have Worldview, History, Geography and Government curriculum and Online classes. Including one of our all time favorites "Around the World in 180 Days."

We highly recommend these christian science DVDs for High School but you will find the entire family will be watching them. An enjoyable way to get that high school science credit without the lab. These can also be used as a supplement for the student who wants more science.

We watch them over and over in our house.

 Biology 101, Chemistry 101, and Physics 101

other good Science curriculum

Chemistry, Physics, Creation, Earth & Space,  and Biology

Grades 3rd-8th  Lessons to read, review questions, hands-on activities, coloring pages. Plenty to cover multiple ages.

Biblical use of classical astronomy. Book and field guide.

This curriculum is full of practical uses and hands on activities. Like no other Astronomy course I have seen.

Answers in Genesis.jpg

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry, dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and provide answers to questions about the bible. Much is science related. Check out the kids section for fascinating videos and the education section for courses on apologtics (Keep in mind, for high school credit these courses count as apologetics not a science.)

The bookstore has homeschool curriculum, much of which is Masterbooks and the Answers Magazine is exceptional with a pull out kids section in each issue.

 We highly recommend.

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth…”

The Creator left a pattern of His fingerprints across each corner of the universe, found in every crevice on earth, and imprinted in every cell of our bodies. A pattern that David Rives has devoted his life to finding and sharing… while declaring the glory of God through scientific study. Find on his website a free magazine subscription, Creation Science DVDs and books, the Genesis Network and the Wonders of Creation Center in Lewisberg, TN that you may want to visit. Enjoy!

Workbooks, supplies, new and used book

Carson-Dellosa Publishing

Sales going on now! Carson-Dellosa Publishing is a resource for teachers and homeschoolers alike. They are known for their quality workbooks but you will also find charts, puzzles, games, manipulatives, stickers and so much more. You will also find great sales straight from the publisher on this site.

Evan-Moor is great for their workbooks. Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. We like the short daily practices and Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension workbooks. This link will take you to the sale page where they always have some good material at deep discounts and FREE samples too. Grades PreK-6

Books, books, and more books! Dover has a huge selection and great prices. Our favorites are the very informative history and nature coloring books. Click the ad to see what specials they have today.

The Crayola store is so much fun! Way more than crayons, you'll find all of your art needs including markers, paint, modeling clay, Silly Putty, toys, craft kits, and way cool crayola merchandise. You will find plenty of ideas, deals, and Free stuff too.

Books-A-Million delivered to your door.Not only can you browse their entire selection of books, but Lego, exclusive Pop figures, and more.

Barnes & Noble has the huge selection of books that you would expect and also coloring books, art supplies, toys, Lego and Pop figures, Textbook rental and buy backs and also the Nook device: read forever, read for less.

Abe Books one of my favorite places to find DISCOUNT books! Abe has so many new and used books including hard to finds. This is the place to go if you know what you are looking for. Try browsing the collections such as Children's Fiction, Science or History. They also have discount Textbooks and even buy them back. Check it out. We were excited to find "Grammar-Land" here an older book, used in good condition for a super price. I always check here before buying from anywhere else, it has saved us a lot of money.

Subscriptions, Fun for a whole year!

Subscriptions are an inexpensive way to keep your homeschooling fun and exciting all year. Who doesn't love to get mail?

Magazines are full of new and engaging reading each month and the subscription boxes cover just about every subject including health, kitchen skills, math, science labs, USA and world geography, foreign language, art, and engineering. These boxes inspire and save you valuable time. Purchase one month or save money and purchase a whole year. We post the best discounts we can find for you and we receive a small commission from these companies when you use the links below to purchase any subscription. It's a win win. This helps to keep our membership costs low and allows us to continue to support the homeschool community. Does it get any better?

We can learn and teach a new language as a family the same way we did it the first time–by talking. Begin talking in a new language with your family–the FIRST day you start. Receive a fun challenge in the language of your choice from TalkBox.Mom for FREE, check out this amazing resource. One of our favorites! Available in: Spanish, Chinese {Mandarin}, French, German, Hebrew, Romanian, Japanese, and more to come. Use code ALIYAH to get $20 off any TalkBox + Book bundle!

Green Kid Crafts perfectly combines Science and Engineering with Art and Eco-friendly materials. The end result is children learning about their natural environment and learning to take care of it too, all while having a great time.  Boxes include 5-8 hands-on projects with themes like Ocean, Space, Nocturnal Animals, Music, Water, Volcanoes, Safari etc. designed for ages 3-10

Green kid craft2600x500.jpg

You will LOVE these ready made science kits sent to your door each month by Spangler Science. Steve Spangler's exciting approach to Science is used in schools and by homeschoolers all across the country. You may have seen him on his youtube channel Sick Science. Check out his subscription box there are different size kits to fit your interest and budget. Science class has never been so easy or FUN!

Play and Learn

ages 3-4

Science, Art and more

ages 5-8

Art and Design

ages 9-16+

Science and Engineering

ages 9-16+

Kiwi Co.

Tinker, Create, Innovate!

Inspiring the next generation of scientists, artists, and makers. They offer high quality award-winning products across four brands for young makers ranging in age from 3 to 16+ Inspire your child's creativity with a monthly subscription to Kiwi Co.

SAVE 30% on

your first month's box!

Use Promo Code: SHARE30

on any Kiwi Co. brand below

Kids from 0-12 enjoy Highlights brand products.

Highlights Hello, High Five, High Five Bilingue™, and Highlights™ Magazines

Their book clubs: Let’s Grow, Hidden PicturesMathmania, Puzzlemania®, Puzzle Buzz, Top Secret Adventures™ and more!

Educational Play
Educational Play

Fat Brain Toys! Huge selection of way cool educational toys. Shop by age from Babies to the Elderly. They have specials for homeschool teachers and a birthday club to get reminders and discounts for your favorite people's birthdays. They have a Special Needs section also. Give them a look, you won't be disappointed.

Who doesn't love LEGO? Possibly the best building toy ever! With everything from Duplo to Technics to Mindstorms you could easily integrate them into your home schooling. Combine them with a Klutz or Lego idea book from Fat Brain Toys and have a super fun STEM, innovative, problem solving, spacial awareness, motor skill improving curriculum your children will be begging to do. Check the site for Sales & Deals, Exclusives, and the Educational section under the Discover tab. For all ages. Enjoy!

For more Educational toys for all ages shop MindWare. Also has a Special Needs section. Play your way through school!

Melissa & Doug have high quality educational and role play toys that you will be passing down to your grandchildren.

High School
Free Online Resources

A complete, Free, online, christian Homeschool curriculum for your family, by a homeschool family. PreK-8th grade

High School site of Easy Peasy, Complete Free online curriculum.

Online Dictionary and Thesaurus with lots of extras including word of the Day.

Free educational resources from World Book.

There are articles on current events, history and culture; also typical course of study by grade which is very useful.

Tinkercad is a free, simple, online 3D design and 3D printing app for everyone. No design experience necessary.

Free Resources

The Tennessee Blue Book is FREE and an excellent resource for Tennessee Government and History. Request yours today or just use the online student edition on this website.

History, Civics,and Geography of Tennessee for Elementary, Middle, and High School students. Many Articles, Virtual Tours and Videos of people, counties and events.

Crayola has Free Educational Resources including lesson plans, art techniques, contests, Free coloring pages and more.


Free. Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, and more. Bite-size lessons are fun and addictive. They also have apps for iPhone and Android so you can learn on the go. For all ages, reading is nessesary.

Streaming videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. Each book also includes supplemental curriculum.

Khan Academy

Project Gutenberg offers over 54,000 FREE eBooks. They also have audio books, music recordings, sheet music, and moving pictures. They can be used on many devices, and can be downloaded for offline use. My son read all of the G.A.Henty books from this site. Henty writes very accurate historical fiction. Look up a book or browse the catalog. All the classics. Books for young and old.

Free Math, Computing, Economics, and Test Prep lessons; including SAT. This is not a Christian site, use your own discretion.

Grades: K-College

Learn to code with Scratch. On this Free site you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations and share your creations with others in the online community. Scratch is designed especially for ages 8 to 16, but is used by people of all ages. Have FUN!

IEW tree.jpg

*Right now IEW is giving away a FREE 3-week resource.

FREE Resource Gift from IEW

In response to the COVID-19 Virus which is causing a great deal of upheaval and uncertainty in many people’s lives, IEW has pulled together some of their best resources to provide you with a FREE, completely digital, three-week program of English language arts instruction, which you can utilize and will allow many students to continue learning while away from their classrooms.

To access these resources and share them with other parents and students, use this link

This is a completely Free online typing course for beginners to advanced with typing games to reinforce your skills. Students create a Free account to keep track of progress and teachers can keep track of multiple students. This is an excellent typing resource. K-College

From David Rives Ministries: A FREE magazine subscription and

Genesis Science Network.

Tons of sound Creation Science information.

hillsdale college logo.png

Hillsdale College

Offers free online, at your own pace, courses for high school credit or supplement. Including Politics and Constitution, History, Literature, Economics and more. A good Christian perspective resource.

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