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High School and Beyond

   As a homeschooling parent you know your child’s interests, strengths and goals for their future. As you are helping them plan their courses for High School we encourage you to choose courses that align with these future goals. We don't just want to see your child graduate, although that is a great achievement, we want to know that they will go on to have bright futures with every opportunity to achieve whatever goal they may have. On this page you will find Information pertaining specifically to High Schoolers such as registration, record keeping, and graduation. We have also provided tools for choosing a career, earning college credit in High School, choosing a college and finding funds to pay for further education. 

If you are a member of AliYah Academy 8th grade through High School you will find University Ready on your account for extra support on your High School journey. This valuable resource is included with your membership.  Log in to your account to gain access.

University ready (1).png


In Tennessee a student needs the sf-1010 attendance form to get a Driving Permit. It needs to be an original copy that we send to you in the mail and expires in 30 days during the school year or if requested in May, will be good through the summer. The DMV is not flexible on this. Make sure your records with us are up to date with courses and grades and request this form through your account.  We will get it out to you as soon as possible but during busy seasons it may take up to 2 weeks.

We can only issue this form to currently enrolled students. New students must be in attendance for 30 consecutive days.

The Journey Starts Here

Your Exclusive University Ready Group Subscription Membership Includes:

  • Weekly LIVE college/career prep group coaching meetings (Mondays at 4:30 CT) on time-sensitive topics, with online classes addressing how to choose a career path, prepare academically, study for exams, apply for college/trade school, finance your education and much more!

  • Access to all weekly class recordings on-demand so you can go back and review or catch anything you may have missed.

  • Categorized videos and tools for every phase of high-school:

    • Phase 1: Academics and Study Skills

    • Phase 2: Career Exploration

    • Phase 3: Tools for Your Route (exams, dual enrollment, etc)

    • Phase 4: The Application Process

  • Downloadable resources to accompany classes, including worksheets, action plans, videos, and optional e-mail and text reminders.

  • Live, year-round support provided by weekly Q&A sessions and e-mail support.

  • Organization, structure, and peace of mind for you and your student!

Career and College Planning Resources

College Board school code for AliYah Academy is #430058

Testing for College

Testing is on every High Schoolers mind. If you are planning to go to college you will need to do some testing, so be prepared. Every college is different check to see which test will be required. Use our College Board school code #430058 when registering for these tests or FAFSA. FAFSA is where you can find out if you qualify for any Federal funding. Remember Scholarships and Grants are gifts you do not pay back, Loans you do. There are plenty of resources to reduce debt for college. Be resourceful. Make sure you watch College out of the box (below) for ideas on saving time, money.

FREE TN DMV Practice Permit Test.png

Free DMV practice test.

**Don't forget to request your attendance form from us before you go.

For ACT Information and practice tests visit their website HERE
ACT logo.png
For SAT, PSAT, or AP test information and practice tests visit their website HERE
SAT logo.jpg

AliYah Academy Graduation Ceremony

Come celebrate in style with us!

AliYah Academy will be having a traditional cap and gown commencement ceremony at the Grande Event Center in Knoxville.

Career and College Planning Tools

These tools were created for Tennessee residents but can be used by anyone.  

  • Career Planning

  • College Planning

  • Money for College

The State of Tennessee has developed a number of resources to help your student get to college and provide you with insight into the college-going process. Including Vocational Schools such as TCAT.

TN acheives logo.png

tnAchieves is the partnering organization to the TN Promise Scholarship in 84 of the 95 counties in Tennessee. Their mission is to increase higher education opportunities for Tennessee high school students by providing last-dollar scholarships with mentor guidance. Sign up for their newsletter to keep up to date on TN Promise information.


TN Promise the last dollar scholarship for the first two years of college. This will take you straight to the application site. Sign up before Nov. 1 of your senior year to apply.


Earn College Credit while in High School


  • Earn 3 or more college credits.

  • Save money.

  • Get a head start on college.

Incorporate CLEP® exam preparation into your homeschool curriculum with very small changes in what you’re already doing.

CLEP Prep Resources

(College) Freshman Year For Free

Take tuition-free, high-quality courses online from top institutions for college credit. Get vouchers to take the CLEP exams for FREE!

A free study guide resource for those taking CLEP or DSST tests for college credit.

YouTube Channel

Beyond High School, YouTube playlist
We have compiled videos with information and explanations that can help you make choices for after high school: college, vocational and career related.

Did you know you could earn your College Bachelor's Degree at the same time you earn your credits for high school? Debt-Free! Watch the YouTube video from College Out of the Box to find out how. If you're studying in high school anyway, why not earn some or all of your college credits too.

High School Registration and Requirements

download form here

Credit Requirements

(updated 2023-24 school year )

AliYah Academy requires a minimum of 22 credits to graduate

while fulfilling certain course credits as follows:

  • 4 credits English

  • 3 credits Mathematics

  • 3 credits Science

  • 3 credits History/ Social Studies

  • 1 credit Health and P.E.

  • 0.5 credit Economics (suggested for college)

  • 1 credit Visual or Preforming Arts (suggested for college)

  • 2 credits Foreign Language (suggested for college)

  • 5-8+ credits Electives




Your child will still graduate with a High School diploma without the “suggested for college” courses, they will just be required to take them in college if they decide to go in the future. Use these High School years to well prepare your child for whatever path they might take in their future. It is a good idea to check requirements now to schools, employment, or for life goals, that your child may be interested in after graduation so he or she can make decisions and be prepared.

College Board school code for AliYah Academy is #430058

use this number when registering for either the SAT Program or the ACT Assessment and a copy of your scores will be sent to AliYah Academy for your records.


It is important to keep records updated  with courses at the beginning of the year, Sem 1 grades by Jan.1 and Sem 2 grades by May 1, this way we are adequately able to keep track of your credits to assure that your student is on track to graduate.


High Schoolers receive 0.5 credit, per semester, per course toward graduation. You can download a credit checklist using the button above to help you in your planning.

If you need an In Progress transcript for Dual Enrollment or for when applying to colleges before graduation: make sure your account is up to date, request an official transcript through your account (log in, the request section is under forms and resources) Allow up to 2 weeks for the first request.  (Watch College deadlines and plan ahead)

When reporting courses keep in mind: We can only give credit for a class once. (i.e. you can not get credit for Biology in 9th grade and again in 10th grade) Classes that advance such as music or foreign language are fine. You can only get credit for English once per grade level (i.e. English 9, English 10 etc.) The only exception is if you take 2 ENG Dual Enrollment classes in one year at a college.



Upon Graduation a student will be issued an official High School Diploma from AliYah Academy, a school transcript for your records and 2 official sealed and notarized school transcripts to be given to any school of further education if needed. Your packet should arrive within the month after graduation. At any time in the future an official transcript can be requested to be sent anywhere for a small charge.


We do not encourage early graduation because we believe most young adults benefit from the additional time under their parents guidance which enables them to be better prepared for adulthood. Also there is usually no benefit to early graduation and can even hinder in most cases. However, in the case that the parent sees it in the best interest of their child we may allow it if the minimum has been achieved: The student has been with AliYah Academy through all high school. The child is at least 16 years old with a minimum of 3 years in High School and the traditional path of High School level credit requirements reached. No remedial courses and no grade levels below C. Keep in mind that your child can earn college credits while in High School if that is what you desire. If you have a special circumstance you can call the school to see if you qualify for special consideration. AliYah Academy always reserves the final decision to graduate a student from our school.

All requested seniors, that fulfill the requirements, graduate at the end of May of that school year.

Request this during semester 2 of the senior year and have final grades report by May 1 if you need more time we will accept final grades up until June 1. Grades received by May 1 typically will be sent out in June baring no complications with your records. Grades reported after May 1 may be delayed a month. If you can not get your grades in by June 1st you will need to pay for an additional school year with Senior fee. This is a crucial time of year and we need these deadlines in order to serve you and all of our families with the best service. Please plan accordingly.

Summer graduation is limited to only special circumstances, usually for older students. Call the office for special consideration.

We do not graduate students mid-year (after semester 1)

Be available to contact if we have any questions. We regularly do this to have you review simple edits or ask any questions we have about classes.

Regarding Seniors

Students in 11th or 12th grade who are transferring from a traditional public or private school will be accepted on a case by case basis, please contact the school before registering. In most cases, a course plan will be required such as an online program to help with the transition to homeschooling. This does not include previously homeschooled students.

There is a $75 Senior fee that is paid at registration and students who register in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade will have a $25.00 Transcript fee per back year not with AliYah Academy.

The transcript fee does not apply to students who have been with us all 4 high school years.


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