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About AliYah Academy


    AliYah Academy is recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education as a  "Category IV Church-Related School." We are in affiliation with the Hebraic Roots Fellowship "Yisrael Yachad."    AliYah Academy is a member of the Tennessee Association of Church Related Schools; Home School Legal Defense Association; Smoky Mountain Home Educators Association; and local Support Groups. We were founded as an umbrella for homeschoolers.


    AliYah means "to rise up" in Hebrew. Our beliefs are centered around the Hebraic Roots of our Judeo-Christian faith. We are non-denominational and we welcome any homeschooling family who subscribes to the ideals of the Scriptures. "Love one another" We do not require a Statement of Faith but instead recognize that our relationship with our Creator is a journey; it cannot be defined and may look different for each family.


    We at AliYah Academy are committed to the Biblical principle that education begins with parents teaching their own children. Our Creator has entrusted children first and foremost into the care of families. It is parents/guardians who are primarily and ultimately responsible to our Father in Heaven for the training up and education of their children.

  "Train up a child in the way that he/she should go"  Proverbs 22:6.

  As a member of AliYah Academy you the parent/guardian are the teacher and a satellite school of AliYah Academy. You have the freedom to choose the curriculum and style of teaching for your children. You pick your courses, record the grades and report them to us. We will maintain those records indefinitely for you and upon graduation your child will receive an official transcript and diploma from AliYah Academy.

   Testing is not required by AliYah Academy, however we can recommend testing sites if you desire testing to be part of your homeschool plan.

AliYah Academy is not funded by federal funds. We are a non-profit school that is funded by our member families. We also receive and greatly appreciate private donations and grants. We thank you for your support.

If you would like to support the freedom to homeschool through AliYah Academy by becoming a member, we would love to serve you, we also accept free will offerings and tax deductible donations. You will be supporting our schools core values and helping to make our mission possible.

Thank you for helping to make homeschooling possible for more families!

We are registered as "Yisrael Yachad - AliYah Academy" school organization tax exempt as per 501(c)3

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