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Office Closes and All Staff are on Vacation for Biblical holidays.


Katie Nemeth


Abigail Nemeth

Office Manager

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Ray Nemeth


Leisa Rogers

Special Needs Consultant

Email to request phone appointment

Sherry Clegg

High School Registrar

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High School Registrar

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College Advisors

Allow up to 2 weeks for requested documents. They are usually processed much sooner but to accommodate busy times of year or vacations allow for 2 weeks. Thank you.


College Board school code for AliYah Academy is #430058

use this number when registering for either the SAT Program or the ACT Assessment and a copy of your scores will be sent to AliYAh Academy for your records.


We are here to support you in homeschooling anyway we can and it is our pleasure to serve you. We too are homeschoolers and there will be times that we will have to get back with you, we will do this in a timely manner.


You may contact Katie Nemeth with any questions or concerns about registration or homeschooling in general. The best way to reach her is by email, text or phone.


If you need any High School documents such as, DMV attendance form, permission to work letter,  good student letter for car insurance or any other document please send the request by email.

If you have questions or need suggestions in homeschooling a child who is having learning difficulties.  We have a Special Needs consultant who works with us here at AliYah Academy.   Leisa Rogers is a Special Education Major with experience both within the public school system and the homeschooling realm.  She is the mother of 7 children and has homeschooled each of them.   She has successfully graduated 4 of the 7 so far and would love to share and assist you with any needs or concerns you may have.   You may contact her at the information above.  She is also on Facebook as Leisa Lewis Rogers.


We have partnered with unbound a college advisor service to assist you in planning for College or Dual Enrollment. If you are 15 or older please take advantage of this service it is totally free to you. They can help you save valuable time and money. College doesn't have to be a debt sentence. We also have plenty of resources on the High School page to help you prepare for college or vocational school and you are always welcome to call Katie Nemeth with any questions.


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Office Closes and All Staff are on Vacation for Biblical holidays.

Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashanah) 

Yom Kippur

Sukkot week

Passover/ Unleavened Bread week