AliYah Academy #60131 Simply give our school code to the cashier next time you check out at Food City or you can sign up online at https://www.foodcity.com

Support Homeschooling! Link your Food City Value Card to AliYah Academy #60131 These programs help us provide more services and keep our costs low so more funds in your pocket to school your children. In addition, we also support local homeschool groups, Co-ops, SMHEA, THEA, and HSLDA.

Welcome To AliYah Academy

     Homeschooling your children should be a joy. AliYah Academy is here to support, encourage, and streamline your homeschool experience. We are here to be the liaison between you and the state so you can focus on your children, enjoying every moment of your homeschool adventure. We are here to make things easier for you.   

Important Dates

June1-Aug 1 Registration

You can register after Aug 1.

You are required to be registered

when schools start in your area

(year-round enrollment, no late fees)

Jan 1 Mid-year grades due

May 1 Senior Grades due for Graduation

June 1 End of the year grades due;

School year ends

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